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Our Lawfirm

  • Hasenöhrl & Seebacher Attorneys-at-Law is a small but effective lawfirm with its seat in Vienna, Austria, and a meeting room in Maria Enzersdorf, Lower Austria, managed by the experienced and dynamic Attorneys-at-Law Dr. Michael Hasenöhrl and Mag. Barbara Seebacher.
  • For long we have successfully served domestic and international private and business clients in all kinds of legal matters.
  • Dr. Hasenöhrl operates in the entire field of criminal, private and commercial law, and he is known to service businesses and companies as well as challenging cases of family law. Mag. Seebacher is a general lawyer, specialist in tenancy, condominium and labour law and focused on a very effective practise in that fields.
  • We are daily representing our clients in trials, hearings and administrative proceedings at courts, authorities and arbitrators, and we have a broad experience of court sessions in all federal states of Austria. We carry on or advice at contract negotiations for our clients and act as trustees.
  • According to our clients' wishes we collaborate with a network of first class specialist lawyers, notaries, public accountants and tax advisors, mediators, detectives, interpreters and translators, real estate and insurance brokers, banks, IT technicians, court authorised experts and other specialists both at home and abroad.
  • The way we work is targeted, pragmatic and effective, our communication exact, flexible and comprehensible.
  • The advantages of our lean cost structure we happily share with our clients.
  • We care for personal, trusty and lasting relations with our clients - with absolute loyalty and discretion.
  • Our clients' references stimulate us while we are carrying out new mandates.
  • We look forward to hearing from you.
Call us: +43 1 7861325